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Watch Tiger Woods dance while practicing his chipping

It might be slightly too subtle to be called dancing, but Tiger was certainly grooving to some music on Monday at Augusta.The 14-time major champ headed straight to the chipping green to practice after arriving...
Tuesday, 4/7/2015 at 8:31AM

Full-Swing Keys - Tom Watson: Rehearse Your Round

Before your round, practice the shots that give you the most trouble.
Golf Instruction

7 Things to Watch for During Tiger's Return

Matt Rudy analyzes Tiger's game as he returns to competition in Phoenix
January 2015
Golf Instruction

Wes Mensing: Simplify the Short Game

Two shots to choose from when you miss the green.
February 2015

Approach Shots - David Leadbetter: Stop Skulling Chip Shots

Stop skulling your chip shots with this simple drill.

Epic Trick Shots with the Bryan Bros - Nailing Incredible Golf Trick Shots Out of a Funnel

It's time to get tricky with the Bryan Bros. Watch as the trick-shot masters nail incredible shots that come flying out of a funnel and bouncing off of a trampoline.
Results: 1 - 10 of 261
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