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If you need more reminders of how maddening golf is, the cartoons in this golf book will do the trick regularly highlights golf books we find of interest to readers. This week is:It’s a Stupid Game, It’ll Never Amount to Anything: The Golf Cartoons of Joseph Farris By Joseph Farris; Skyhorse Publishing, $18, hardback,...
Saturday, 4/18/2015 at 9:54AM
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Slideshow: The New Yorker's View of Golf

When in doubt, laugh: A cartoonist's pencil captures some funny golf moments in this New Yorker book excerpt.

The Fun Issue - Make Golf More Fun

Golf got you down? We've assembled these proven methods for making your favorite game as entertaining as humanly possible
Magazines / The Fun Issue

Slideshow: 60 Years of Golf Digest Cartoons

A gallery of cartoons from our 60-year history that put golfers at their best (and worst).
Results: 1 - 5 of 5
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