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The Sexiest Shots in Golf - The Secret to Escaping a Plugged Lie In a Bunker

Want to know the secret to escaping a plugged lie in a bunker.? Lean in close and Blair ONeal will tell you how.

Bunker Play - Martin Hall: Beat The Bunkers

Here's how Gary Player says to spin it from the sand.

Bunker Play - David Leadbetter: Greenside Bunker Shots

Step By Step: Try these four keys for long greenside bunker shots.
Golf Instruction

Sand Strong: Jeff Ritter

Four steps to blasting out of bunkers.
June 2014
Golf Courses & Travel

Bunkers at their Best

Golf World's architecture editor identifies the 10 sandy sentries that represent -- architecturally and strategically -- America's top bunkers
March 2014
Results: 1 - 10 of 42
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