bump and run

bump and run

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Trillium Sellers: The Low Bump-And-Run (Video)

It takes very little effort to hit the ball solidly with this shot, and because it rolls most of the way, controlling distance is easy.
January 2014
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Video gallery: Lessons From Bandon Dunes

From bracing crosswinds to tumultuous sand dunes, Bandon Dunes Resort, is the closest you'll get in the U.S. to the classic links courses of the British Isles. In this collection of tips from Jeff Simonds, Director of Golf & Grant Rogers, the Director of Instruction at Bandon, golfers can get a better sense of the challenges players will face in the British Open, and learn how to deal with such situations themselves.
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Lessons From Bandon Dunes: The Bump-and-Run (Video)

Jeff Simonds, Director of Golf at Bandon Dunes, explains why the bump-and-run is your friend.

Lessons From Bandon Dunes - The Bump and Run

Jeff Simonds, Director of Golf at Bandon Dunes, explains why the bump and run is your friend.
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Martin Laird: The Bump-and-Run (Video)

Video: A common mistake among amateurs who try to hit bump-and-runs is they play the ball too far forward in their stance. Here's a quick fix from PGA Tour player Martin Laird.
March 2013
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Jim McLean: How To Get To Back Pins

Bag your wedge and play a little 9-iron runner.
February 2013
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