bruce mccall

bruce mccall

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If They Ban The Long Putter, Then What?

As the USGA and R&A mull a change, we offer some solutions for the twitching types who need a little help.
September 2012
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Golf on YouTube: Is it a good idea to microwave this?

It's good, once in a while, to go where you've never gone, and one such place, in my case, is VidCon, the conference of YouTube stars and their fans held over the weekend for the...
Friday, 7/29/2011 at 9:18PM
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First Impressions: Bruce McCall

Writer and illustrator Bruce McCall who has created more than 20 covers for The New Yorker magazine, gives us a futuristic look at the Masters.
April 2003
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Meet The Top 12 CEOs

Here's the inside scoop on the best CEOs in 2006's ranking.
Golf Tours & News

Golf and Money

Why does the stigma of golfers as business slackers persist?
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