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Book Review: Great Golf Collections

Each week will highlight a golf book that it finds of interest to readers. This week is: Great Golf Collections of the World By Dick McDonough and Peter Georgiady Saron Press, $49.95, hardback, 220...
Saturday, 11/8/2014 at 10:02AM
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If you admire Pinehurst, read these books

By Ron Whitten I realize books are out of fashion these days, especially hefty coffee table books, but with the consecutive U.S. and U.S. Women's Opens at Pinehurst this summer, it seems appropriate to...
Saturday, 6/7/2014 at 8:55AM
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Book Reviews: Books For A Rainy Day

Classics and analytics top our list of new titles.
May 2014
Magazines / Book reviews

The Digest: Book Reviews

Here are books released this spring that are worthy of your time.
April 2013
Magazines / Book reviews

The Digest: Book Reviews

Some golf-related reading suggestions to help you prepare for another season.
April 2012
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Book Reviews: Reading By Winter's Light

Whether it's a holiday gift or a way to stay in touch with the game, these books come with our endorsement.
December 2011
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Book Reviews: Books For Rainy Days and Long Layovers

When you can't get to the course, these new books are the next best things.
August 2011
Gear & Equipment

Books: 'Four Days In July'

If you were watching, you'll never forget it. If you weren't watching, you should forever regret it. It was the 2009 British Open at Turnberry, when Tom Watson, at 59, delivered a performance for the...
Wednesday, 5/4/2011 at 11:44AM
Gear & Equipment

Books: 'Play Your Best Golf Now'

If you're interested only in swing-plane minutiae, find yourself a Konica Minolta Biz Hub Swingvision camera and have at it. But if you accept what the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said about baseball and...
Wednesday, 4/27/2011 at 6:04PM
Gear & Equipment

Books: 'The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey'

Randy Guyton played golf at Vanderbilt and later was an editor at Links Magazine, who wanted to introduce his sons to golf. They were four and five at the time. "It wasn't exactly a Hallmark...
Tuesday, 3/29/2011 at 11:13AM
Results: 1 - 10 of 10
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