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Stingers: Dear gallery, stop yelling stupid things!

Hey, you! Yeah, you, the obnoxious guy who yells out absurd things right after a golfer tees off. You know who you are. Now stop it! It's bad enough that golf fans have had...
Tuesday, 6/19/2012 at 2:51PM

How He Hits That: Learn from Dufner's Trademark Waggle

Editor's Note: Every Monday Kevin Hinton, Director of Instruction at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, N.Y. and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, tells you how a tour player hits a key...
Tuesday, 5/1/2012 at 9:19AM
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Tiger's tantrums? "Not on this stage," says Curtis Strange

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- As for the meaning of the Tiger Woods tantrums during Friday's second round of the Masters, two-time U.S. Open champion Curtis Strange says, "It shows how truly frustrated he is. Only...
Saturday, 4/7/2012 at 1:59PM
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Photo Illustrations: Backward Hats, Forward Thinking

How the icons of the game might look with their hats turned around
May 2012
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

Dave Kindred: The Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest, Bobby Jones' attic in the Augusta National clubhouse, has been home to generations of Masters amateurs.
April 2012
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CNBC: Golf memorabilia as an investment

The cable business network CNBC has a feature on its website that it calls "Alternative Investing." It "may not be for everyone," the website states, "but there's an entry point for almost anyone -- whether...
Friday, 1/6/2012 at 8:42AM

The Reasonable Man's Rules Of Golf

How to play a quick, casual round while staying within the spirit of the game.
October 2011
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Allen Edmonds expands golf shoe lineup

Allen Edmonds said that its successful entry into the golf shoe market (see this: "Shoes that Hogan would have worn") has prompted it to introduce four new offerings in its Honors Collection: -- The Medalist, "For...
Friday, 9/30/2011 at 3:19PM
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You, too, can have a mental golf coach

Golf, a wise man once said, is played on a five-inch course -- the distance between the ears. The wise man was Bobby Jones, who had to overcome a bad temper and a loss of...
Tuesday, 8/30/2011 at 1:18PM
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Sirak: Woods' story as compelling as ever

Pretty much all I have to do is type the words "Tiger Woods" and I get immediate feedback by Email, Twitter, Facebook, text, comments and carrier pigeon. Sometimes it seems as if all I...
Friday, 8/19/2011 at 12:48PM
Results: 41 - 50 of 82
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