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ben van hook

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Inbee Park: She's Back in the Picture

Following a four-year drought with a tear of great play, Inbee Park arrives at the U.S. Women's Open focused on winning her third consecutive major. It's all about balance
June 24, 2013
Magazines / Golf Saved My Life

Golf Saved My Life: Second Sight

In this month's edition of Golf Saved My Life, former Georgia prison guard Bill Bond lost his sight in one eye after inmates attacked him. Barred from strenuous activities, Bond took up golf at the suggestion of his brother-in-law. The result? A way to acclimate to seeing with only one eye.
May 2013

My Shot: Larry Nelson

Twenty-five years after winning the U.S. Open (and 40 years after leaving Vietnam), Mr. Low-Key shares his secrets.
May 2008
Golf Tours & News / Player Profiles

From Stage Fright To Stage Presence

How Sophie Gustafson overcame her stutter to deliver the interview of the year.
January 30, 2012
Golf Instruction / 10 Rules

10 Rules From Gio Valiante

Become a great performer: lessons from seven tour pros.
January 2011
Magazines / From The archives

My Shot: Earl Woods

A roaring ride with Tiger's dad as he ponders hobo coffee, demolition men and, of course, his famous progeny.
February 2004

My Shot: Doug Ford

Fifty years after winning a green jacket, a Masters Champion remembers hustlers, mobsters and pool-hall basics.
May 2007

My Shot: Gary Player

Take it from the man in black: Rats save lives, caning isn't all bad, and we make our own breaks.
October 2002

My Shot: Sam Snead

Clean fingernails, sirloin steaks, ice cream and the Lord's Prayer: A three-time Masters champion on the things that really matter.
April 2002
Magazines / Golf Digest Woman

Alexis Thompson: Ready For The Big Leagues

Q&A with Alexis Thompson the top-ranked female amateur golfer in the United States.
July 2010
Results: 1 - 10 of 44
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