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#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane - PGA Player Ben Crane Wants to Party And You're Invited

Catch all of the outtakes and bloopers that didnt make it into Episode 4 of #GolfSecrets with Ben Crane.

#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane - WTF is a Pre-Waggle? Ben Crane Explains

Ben Cranes secret to mastering the waggle? Behold, the magic of the pre-waggle.

#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane - Ben Crane Reveals the Secret to Being a Great International Pop Star

Reading putts isn't easy. Ben Crane shares his hard-earned wisdom to help you learn how to master them.

#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane - In Pain? Try Ben Crane's Squat Stir Stretch, Just Don't Ask What It Is

When the pain gets too much for Ben Crane, he says it helps to put it in perspective. Or you can try his world famous "squat stir" stretch.
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9 fascinating GIFs of Ben Crane doing strange things

By Luke Kerr-Dineen As part of our brand new video channel, Golf Digest and Conde Nast Entertainment paired with Ben Crane to produce a series of soon-to-be released videos, "#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane." The...
Thursday, 3/20/2014 at 11:30AM

#GolfSecrets with Ben Crane - Series Trailer

It's not easy being a PGA Tour playerand a member of the parody boy band Golf Boys. Ben Crane shares his secrets for doing it all, while answering your golf questions with honesty and humor.
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Photos: The Week in Golf Instagrams

Love was in the air on Instagram last week as the pros celebrated Valentine's Day
February 2014
Results: 11 - 20 of 100
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