augusta national golf club

augusta national golf club

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Craig Stadler plays 'like a moron' in probably his last Masters

By Dave Shedloski AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Unless he had assurances that he could get paired with his son in a future Masters, Craig Stadler thinks this will be his swan song at Augusta National Golf...
Thursday, 4/10/2014 at 3:58PM
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If Tiger Woods was playing the Masters this week, he'd probably say something like this

By Sam WeinmanAUGUSTA, Ga. -- It is a peculiar dynamic having a Masters without Tiger Woods. The absence of the world No. 1 -- the first time he's missed the season's first major since 1994...
Tuesday, 4/8/2014 at 2:23PM
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In every meaningful way, Adam Scott proves he gets it

By John HugganAUGUSTA, Ga. --  It’s one thing to be a champion, quite another to behave like one. In that respect the last 12 months have been kind to Adam Scott. Two days before his defense of...
Tuesday, 4/8/2014 at 2:20PM
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Live Chat: The Masters

Who is going to win in Augusta? staffers John Strege, Ryan Herrington, Alex Myers, Luke Kerr-Dineen, and Derek Evers pick their teams in a live Masters Fantasy Draft.
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Impact: Jack Nicklaus, 1986 and the Masters that will live forever

By Alex Holmes Countdown to Augusta - Each Friday through the Masters we take a look back at impactful images from the tournament's storied history."At that point in my career, I wasn't having much...
Friday, 4/4/2014 at 6:58AM

Up In The Air: Augusta National Golf Club From Above

Take an interactive tour of the most famous golf course in the world with aerial photos, video, feature articles and more.

Golf Digest Behind the Scenes - Artist's First Take: The Making Of The 15th Hole at Augusta

See a time-lapsed video of how artist Tatsuro Kiuchi captured scenes on 15th hole at Augusta National.

Interactive Tour of Augusta National's Clubhouse

What's beautiful from the ground is even more beguiling from above. Take an interactive tour of the most famous clubhouse in the world with aerial photos, video, and features.
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

Sarah Max: Land Grab

Why Augusta National dropped $8.3 million on a parking lot, part of a 15-year spending spree that is remaking the club.
April 2014
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

Tailing Tiger at Augusta: Max Adler

The assignment: Follow Tiger Woods all around Augusta National, from arrival to departure. You saw the shots on TV. Here's what you didn't see.
April 2014
Results: 61 - 70 of 130
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