approach shots

approach shots

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Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction: Jeff Ritter: How To Hit The Super-Soft Flop Shot

3 steps to getting the ball up and down when nobody thinks you can.
October 2013
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Butch Harmon: Don't Fall For The Flyer

Beware of those fluffy lies in the first cut of rough.
November 2013
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Tom Watson: Get It To The Hole

A lot of amateurs take a sand or lob wedge for an uphill shot around the green and come up well short of the hole. Tom Watson's advice? Try hitting a chip-and-run with a 9-iron or pitching wedge.
November 2013

Setup Basics - Rickie Fowler: Correct Alignment

Correctly aligning your body where your eyes are looking is next to impossible to do naturally. You need a trick. Here's Rickie Fowler's process for setting up square to the target.

The Best of Sean Foley - Chipping Drills

Do you push or pull your chips? Find out with these one-arm drills from Sean Foley.

Chipping & Pitching - Jeff Ritter: Play Fearless Golf

To be in control you have to let go of control. It's when we try to protect against skulls and chunks that we're most likely to hit them. To play recklessly, make sure your swing keeps going all the way to the finish.

Shortcuts from Tom Watson - Pre-round Scouting

Scout your surroundings, says Tom Watson. Pay attention to flag locations and where the trouble is on as many holes as you can.

October 2013 Table of Contents

Cover Story: Rickie Fowler's 4 Keys To Low Scores; Phil Mickelson; Sam Snead; 36 Ways To Play More Golf; Swing Sequence: Bill Horschel; Basics: Full-Swing Flaws; Away Game: Bahamas; My Shot: David Eger; Golf Saved My Life; David Owen; Players Irons; What's In My Bag: Marc Leishman, Think Young, Play Hard: Brooks Koepka, Undercover Tour Pro
Results: 151 - 160 of 436
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