american century championship

american century championship

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Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Former NFL Player Jim McMahon: Squaring the Clubface

Former NFL player Jim McMahon likes to play golf barefoot, but while he might be comfortable, he still could use a few tips. Hank Haney shows him how to square the clubface at the top of the swing to avoid veering to the right.

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Super Bowl Champ Rodney Harrison: Speeding Up the Driver Swing

He has two Super Bowl rings, but Rodney Harrison has some work to do when it comes to his driving. Hank Haney helps the former NFL player with a few simple tips.

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Larry the Cable Guy: How to Straighten Out Your Shot

Last year Hank Haney helped Larry the Cable Guy improve his distance, but this time around Larry needs advice on how to stop swinging over the top of the ball. Can Hank git-r-done and help Larry straighten out his shot?

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Brian Baumgartner: Preventing the Double Hit

He plays Kevin on The Office, but actor Brian Baumgartner needs some serious work when it comes to his chipping. Hank Haney helps him to stop double hitting so he can step up his short game.

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Alfonso Ribeiro: Perfecting Your Lag Putt

Professional Golf Instructor Hank Haney fixes Alfonso Ribeiro's lag putt in five minutes.

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Herm Edwards: How to Get More Loft on the Ball

Former Kansas City Chiefs coach and ESPN analyst Herm Edwards is struggling with getting the ball up in the air. Can Hank help him fix his de-lofted shots?

Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney - Michael Waltrip: Perfecting Your Setup for a Better Swing

NASCAR heavy-hitter Michael Waltrip needs help improving his setup, which leads to a good takeaway, and ultimately a better swing. Hank Haney shows him how to transform his setup with some quick and easy fixes.

Annika a betting favorite against the men? Yep, and not unreasonably so

By John Strege Annika Sorenstam is returning to competitive golf, temporarily, at least, and opened as a 2/1 favorite in next month’s American Century Championship despite not having played competitively in nearly six years. Former...
Tuesday, 6/3/2014 at 5:04PM
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Jason Kidd on Miami Heat: "They need another shooter."

Last summer, at the American Century Championship at Edgewood in Tahoe, I had the chance to walk a few holes with Jason Kidd. He had a smooth swing, he was soft-spoken and he was very...
Sunday, 6/12/2011 at 3:33PM
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Interview with Trent Dilfer

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer on his NFL career, competing against tour players, and his own aspirations as a golfer.
January 2011
Results: 1 - 10 of 12
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