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Golf Instruction / Lesson tee

Jim McLean: Open Up To Fix Your Slice

Got a slice? You won't believe where I want you to aim.
February 2012
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Focus On Footwork

How your feet move dictates your contact.
December 2011
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Tom Watson: Don't reach for the ball

Check your setup: You're probably too far from the ball.
December 2011
Golf Instruction / Tips Plus instruction

Tips Plus: Luke Donald (October 2011)

Short Game Do's & Don'ts: Tour pro Luke Donald's advice for returning the same loft at impact as you set down at address.
October 2011
Golf Instruction / Quick Tips

Lee Westwood: My Checklist - What to do before you hit a shot

Run down a checklist as you're setting up to the ball -- grip pressure, posture, aim and alignment, swing thoughts and such. But when it's time to take the club back, forget all that and go with one thought.
August 2011
Golf Instruction / Make Me Better

Sean Foley: Simple Swing Fixes

For power and control, break your swing into segments. From Sean Foley, Golf Digest Teaching Professional and one of the best young teachers in the game.
April 2011
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Tiger Woods (Oct. 2010)

Chin up for good posture: Many amateurs bury their chins in their chests during setup, which restricts the shoulder turn and weight transfer.
October 2010
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Tiger Woods (Nov. 2010)

Ease up under pressure: How to stay smooth on must-make putts.
November 2010
Results: 21 - 30 of 38
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