U.S. Open

11 Ways To Win At Merion

We break down what it will take to be successful at this year's U.S. Open

June 2013
U.S. Open: Merion

Think Precision Over Power

This is always a good strategy at the U.S. Open, where avoiding thick rough off the tee is a must. But this year, it's even more applicable with Merion playing to just under 7,000 yards on the scorecard. Players will probably refrain from using driver much -- unless they're trying to reach some of the course's shorter par 4s like Nos. 1, 7, 8 and 10. Of course, rain could have a huge effect on this approach, but if Merion is playing firm and fast, players will probably hit fairway woods off the tee, even on some of the long par 4s like Nos. 5 (504 yards) and 18 (521 yards).
Stephen Szurlej
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