PGA Championship

Sunday's Birdies and Bogeys

Who were the winners and losers on Day 4 at Oak Hill? It's time to take a closer look with another edition of birdies and bogeys

August 11, 2013
Jason Dufner

Birdie: Jason Dufner

For all of Dufner's idiosyncracies -- the waggle, the dip in his lower lip, the expression that looks like he just got out of bed -- this PGA confirms the guy is no joke. His performance at Oak Hill was ball-striking at its purest -- worthy, even, of comparisons to his hero Ben Hogan. As with Hogan, Dufner's putting can come and go, and like Hogan, he doesn't burst with personality (or at least not outwardly). But there's still a lot to like about a player who recovered from his late collapse in this tournament two years ago, with the only hiccups in his closing 68 coming when the title was in hand. When he frittered away the 2011 PGA, blowing a four-shot lead with four holes to play, Dufner said, "I've got a feeling that I'm going to have some chances to win some majors." There wasn't much reason to believe him then. Now it's amazing we ever doubted him.
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