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2014 Masters

Get To Know Your New Crop Of American Masters Hopefuls

The 2013-14 PGA Tour season has produced plenty of surprises leading up to the year's first major. While the game's big stars have been quiet for the most part, a new crop of American players have thrust themselves into the forefront. How do you tell these relatively unfamiliar names apart? We're here to help.

April 2014
Matt Every

Matt Every

You probably know him as: That guy who got busted for pot once.
You should know him for: Every was kind of the Patrick Reed of his day. It just took him a lot longer to win on the PGA Tour. Now 30, that breakthrough victory came last month at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Every also loves the band Oasis, according to his PGA Tour bio. So, there's that. . .
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
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July 28, 2014

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