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The Masters

The Insider's Guide To Masters Week

How to make the most of a trip to Augusta for the season's first major

Augusta's 11th hole

Best spot on the course to camp out for the day:

There's no better spot than the bleachers behind the 12th tee. Get there early and don't move. When play rolls through, it's like being in a golf stadium. You get to watch approach shots and shots around the green at the 11th, the tee shot at 12 (which is always exciting) and the tee shot coming back on the 13th. If you can't get a seat in the bleachers, simply standing here for an hour or two might wind up being the best golf-spectator experience of your life. The fact that there's a concession stand nearby, as well as bathrooms, means you could conceivably stay all day.
Charles Laberge
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July 28, 2014

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