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Masters History

Masters: Most Important Clubs

These are the golf clubs that have helped seal 12 significant Masters wins.

April 2014
Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson's wedge, 2012

On the second hole of a playoff against Louis Oosthuizen, Watson hit his tee shot into the pine straw right of Augusta National's 10th fairway. Faced with a 134 yards to the front of the green and 153 to get it all the way to the back-right hole location (provided the lefty could hook the daylights out of the shot), Watson took his 52-degree Ping Tour W gap wedge and hit one of the most memorable shots in Masters history -- a sweeping hook of some 40 yards that miraculously landed on the green and trickled to within 12 feet of the hole. After Oosthuizen failed to make par, Watson two-putted for the win.
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July 28, 2014

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