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The Obvious And Not-So Obvious Ways Tiger Woods Can Salvage His 2014

Nine ways Woods can walk away from an abbreviated season feeling encouraged about what's ahead

June 2014
tiger woods

Soften his public image

For perhaps the first time as a pro, Woods returns to golf as a mostly sympathetic figure, a once dominant player hobbled by injury and struggling to regain his old form. He shouldn't let the goodwill go to waste. In now the third act of his career, Woods can win more fans in ways big and small: responding to kids in the crowd, mentoring young players on tour, allowing the occasional peek into his world as a doting single father. And yes, if another questionable rules scenario arises, Woods would earn a lot of points by proactively penalizing himself. Winning has always been paramount to Woods. But at a point in his career when wins are hard to come by, he'd be wise to show he values more than that. -- SW
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