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The Greatest Comebacks in Golf History

From injury to illness to paralyzing slumps, the golfers who fought their way back

May 2014
J.B. Holmes

J.B. Holmes

A return in any way, shape or form to the PGA Tour after undergoing brain surgery in 2011 to address balance issues would genuinely have been a success for the 32-year-old Kentucky native. That Holmes pulled off a victory at the Wells Fargo Championship, the third of his career but first since 2008, makes the journey all the more impressive. The comeback becomes even more amazing/improbable thanks to the fact he also had to recover from ankle surgery after a roller blading accident in March 2013. While sidelined, Holmes figured he might as well have elbow surgery as well to help address a separate injury. Suffice it to say, Holmes was grateful finally to feel like his old self in 2014, and he's shown it by finishing in the top 20 in five of six starts prior to Wells Fargo while using a major medical extension.
-- Ryan Herrington
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