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9 Golf Collectibles You've Almost Certainly Never Seen Before

Feast your eyes on these ancient golf gems

March 2014
Whether you're a golf historian or a person who fears getting trapped in a conversation with one,  Great Golf Collections of the World is a new book that's worth your time. Handling what would be heavy content presented by most anyone else, the authors Dick McDonough and Peter Georgiady must be lauded for their restraint. With bright color photos, succinct captions and limited text, the history of golf is told through objects in a highly accessible way. At the same time, the book reveals rare treasures from private clubs and individual collectors, making it like a course that plays well for both beginners and pros. For five years, the authors traveled across the globe and catalogued over 6,000 old clubs, balls, paintings, trophies, letters, ceramics and more. The book is a presentation of the 640 best. As a taste, here are nine. -- Max Adler
bobby jones telegram

Bobby Jones Telegram, 1927

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July 28, 2014

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