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21 Things You Can Learn From This Wonderfully Smart, Wonderfully Nerdy Golf Stat Book

January 2014
Golf, like baseball and football before it, is undergoing a data revolution. At professional tournaments around the globe, thousands of tiny pieces of information are being recorded, compiled, and stored neatly in a database online.

Richie Hunt, a former college golfer-turned statistician and blogger for our partner site, has put that information to good use and published his findings in his newest e-book, the third annual Pro Golf Synopsis 2013 (which you can buy here for $10). Now, he works with PGA Tour players Ben Crane, Daniel Summerhays, Brian Gay and Mike Weir on how to use data to help their games. Here's a crash course of what we found most interesting.
It's pretty rare that a pro will have a shot between 20 and 100 yards, especially on par 3s and 4s. If they do, it's likely because they hit an extraordinarily bad shot to leave themselves in that position, which means they're probably under a tree, in the rough somewhere. Those shots aren't a fair indicator of someone's ability.
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