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21 Things You Can Learn From This Wonderfully Smart, Wonderfully Nerdy Golf Stat Book

January 2014
Golf, like baseball and football before it, is undergoing a data revolution. At professional tournaments around the globe, thousands of tiny pieces of information are being recorded, compiled, and stored neatly in a database online.

Richie Hunt, a former college golfer-turned statistician and blogger for our partner site, has put that information to good use and published his findings in his newest e-book, the third annual Pro Golf Synopsis 2013 (which you can buy here for $10). Now, he works with PGA Tour players Ben Crane, Daniel Summerhays, Brian Gay and Mike Weir on how to use data to help their games. Here's a crash course of what we found most interesting.
Why? Because golfers just don't hit that many of them -- about two per round, compared to about five mid- to long-iron shots. Also, because of the short length and high loft of the clubs, there's not as big a difference between good, average, and bad wedge shots as there is between good, average and bad mid- to long-iron shots. So, you'd be better off practicing the latter.
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