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Techs who run the equipment vans on the PGA Tour might be asked to do, well, just about anything to a player's club

March 11, 2013
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PGA Tour players are an interesting lot when it comes to equipment. Some go by the numbers, others by look and feel. Whether it is bending a lie angle by a tenth of a degree or the inexact science of slapping lead tape on the bottom of a club, the techs know their job isn't just to fulfill any request, but to anticipate them. Here are some examples of their weekly handiwork -- an array of club builds, grinding, drilling, bending and personalizing that makes each club unique.

Stuart Appleby's wedge

Stuart Appleby has always liked to personalize his equipment. In the past he has had boxing kangaroos on his shoes (he is, after all, from Australia). Here it's red apples (Apples is his nickname on tour) that adorn his Callaway wedges.
GolfWRX/Greg Moore
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