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Captain Tom?

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The pattern in recent years has been to tab a sort of still active player, as was the case with Davis Love III, who has the distinction of being the captain against whom the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history was staged.

Why not go back to the future in selecting the next American captain? And speaking of the past, let's take one more look at that autograph incident. For those who believe in karma, this is of the 14-karat variety.

I have always felt that one of the reasons Europe has been so successful in the Ryder Cup is that they do a better job of embracing the intensity of Ryder Cup week. They sign autographs. They sing and dance and chant and have a ball.

And while the Euros treat the Ryder Cup like a weeklong fraternity party, the American act as if it is seven days of root canal surgery. The contrast between Watson and Gallacher at The Belfry pretty much summarizes the different tones for the teams during the 20 years of domination by Europe.

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Do I think the PGA of America will reach out to Watson and make him captain of the 2014 team? I do not. Too outside-the-box for them. Do I think they should? Yes, I do.

After all, what is there to lose? Just another Ryder Cup, and the U.S. already has that mastered. And the first thing Watson should do if he is named captain? Autographs for everyone! Let's see if he can break that 322-per-hour mark.

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