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10 Things About Slow Play

With pace of play discussion rampant, a quick summary of all things S-L-O-W in golf

Jack Nicklaus

2. Is slow play on tour Jack Nicklaus' fault?

You often hear how the Golden Bear was the role model for the generations of golfers to follow. That wasn't ALWAYS a good thing. While Nicklaus might not have been the first slow golfer, he was the first golfer whose methodical style of play was captured regularly on national television. The result is the countless number of golfers who think every putt needs to be studied from a half-dozen different angles. As Glen Day told Nicklaus once in a PGA Tour players meeting a number of years back, "Gee, Mr. Nicklaus, I was following your example a couple of months ago, and I got fined for it."
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July 28, 2014

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