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10 Things About Slow Play

With pace of play discussion rampant, a quick summary of all things S-L-O-W in golf

Glen Day

1. How Different Tours Deal With It

Morgan Pressel's penalty at the Sybase Match Play has drawn the most notoriety, but she is actually the third player to be penalized this year on the LPGA, and five were penalized last year. Players on the LPGA have 30 seconds per shot. On the PGA Tour, they have 40 seconds per shot with an extra 20 seconds allotted for various situations. It's much more difficult to be penalized, though, since a player is first informed he is out of position (placed on the clock) and then given another warning if he exceeds the 40-second rule before a second offense finally draws a one-shot penalty. Glen "All" Day (shown) was the last player in a regular PGA Tour event to be penalized, at the 1995 Honda Classic (Gregory Bourdy was penalized in the 2010 PGA Championship). A player who is placed on the clock 10 times in a year draws a $20,000 fine.
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