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Inside The Big Miss

Ten telling details from Hank Haney's new book (written with Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz) about his time coaching Tiger Woods

Podcast: Jaime Diaz on the writing of The Big Miss

March 19, 2012
Butch Harmon, Steve Williams

2. Steve Williams clashed with Butch Harmon

Steve Williams, Haney writes, is the greatest caddie in history and wanted Haney to succeed "in part because he and Butch [Harmon] had clashed, Steve feeling that Butch's extroverted personality distracted Tiger." After Woods won his first major championship under Haney's tutelage, Williams expressed relief because he had urged Tiger to leave Butch.

Haney said his relationship with Harmon was fine. In fact, when Haney first encountered Harmon after replacing him, he said Butch took him aside, congratulated him and said, "Hank, good luck. It's a tough team to be on. And it's harder than it looks."

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