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Ten telling details from Hank Haney's new book (written with Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz) about his time coaching Tiger Woods

Podcast: Jaime Diaz on the writing of The Big Miss

March 19, 2012
Tiger Woods

10. After rehab, Elin wanted Tiger to quit golf for two years

Haney had already observed a coolness between Elin and Tiger before the revelations of 2009, saying that they "weren't openly affectionate." But upon Woods' return from therapy, salvaging the marriage was still a possibility. After a month-long stint in a Mississippi clinic, Woods described his therapy as 'horrible, the worst experience I've ever been through,' and 'the hardest thing I've ever done,' but he didn't offer any details," Haney writes. When he asked about Elin, Woods said, "We're trying," adding that Elin "wants me to not play golf for two years."

In his final chapter, "Summing Up," Haney cites his wish list. It included this: "I wish Tiger had come back from rehab a different person. Not a lot different, just a little warmer and more open. . . . I realize now that as hard as I tried to understand Tiger, he tried just as hard not to let me."

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