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Inside The Big Miss

Ten telling details from Hank Haney's new book (written with Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz) about his time coaching Tiger Woods

Podcast: Jaime Diaz on the writing of The Big Miss

March 19, 2012
Tiger Woods

1. Haney believes Tiger tore his ACL with SEALs

Woods' infatuation with the Navy SEALs has previously been documented in an excerpt that appeared in Golf Digest's April issue. There is more, including injuries incurred in a SEALs exercise called Kill House, "an urban-warfare training simulator" made up of rooms and pop-up targets for the purpose of training for rescues and captures. Haney cites evidence that suggests "a strong likelihood" that Woods might have done "serious damage to his career" in a Kill House exercise. Haney said Tiger told him he'd been shot with a rubber bullet.

When Haney once expressed concern about Tiger engaging in these exercises, asking, "What about Nicklaus's record? Don't you care about that?" Woods replied, "No. I'm satisfied with what I've done in my career."

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