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The Tiger Timeline

A look back at the noteworthy events that have transpired during Tiger Woods' attempt to recover from his personal scandal

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will first and foremost be defined by his wins (14 major titles and counting), but the scandal that broke out around him in November 2009 will forever be an important part of his tale as well. The controversy changed the public's perception of the world's most famous athlete and it also altered the course of sports history. Woods was on the fast track to breaking golf's grandest record -- Jack Nicklaus' 18 majors -- until his world came crashing down. When he emerged, a bruised psyche along with injuries and other distractions all combined to have him seemingly lose his winning touch. But after two years of insisting he's close to returning to top form, Woods has finally started backing his claims up. A win at the 18-man Chevron Challenge, an unofficial event, answered some questions, but it was his impressive victory at Bay Hill that confirmed he's not ready to step to the side just yet. What his final major tally ends up being remains to be seen, but it's safe to say that after the rockiest stretch of his illustrious career, Woods will still be a major factor for the foreseeable future.

Tiger Woods

November 27, 2009

Woods is involved in a one-car accident outside of his Orlando-area home after midnight on Thanksgiving, but details don't begin to trickle out until the next afternoon. First, reports have the star in critical condition, then it is made known that he was released from the hospital; and finally, that he is wanted by authorities for questioning. The entire truth of what went on that night to cause Woods to crash his black Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant may never come out, but what is known is that the investigation ends with Woods being charged with a minor traffic violation for careless driving and paying a $164 fine. The fallout, however, is just beginning.
The Florida Highway Patrol/Getty Images
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