My Five: Golf's Most Damaging Injuries

Jaime Diaz looks back at five careers hampered badly by injury

June 8, 2011
Editor's Note: Jaime Diaz compiled this list of golf's most damaging injuries shortly after Tiger Woods reinjured his left leg in 2011.
With Tiger Woods again on the shelf with leg problems and Phil Mickelson dealing with arthritis, the game's two most prominent players are in jeopardy of joining golf's long list of top players -- including chronically ailing current stars like Fred Couples and Jose Maria Olazabal -- whose career paths were seriously compromised by injury. Injuries change history, and here are the five occurrences that proved most consequential.
Ben Hogan

1. Ben Hogan (Multiple)

Although Hogan's magical season of 1953 came four years after his car accident, the injuries he incurred left him a physically compromised player. Hogan was permanently bothered by lingering effects of the broken clavicle, fractured ribs, complex pelvic fracture, eye and facial injuries, and fractured left ankle he suffered from the head-on collision with a bus. Most significantly, the tying off of his vena cava caused him chronic leg fatigue that forced him to play a limited schedule. No longer the power player he was in the late 40s, when he said he played his best golf, Hogan was forced to emphasize precision. Considering that he never won another major after his Triple Crown, there is little doubt he was robbed of strength, stamina and an even greater record.
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