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The Interviews They'd Like Back

Bad jokes, snubs, and moments of brutal honesty from throughout golf history that have merited a mulligan

Tiger Woods

One of the defining moments of the 2013 Masters has been Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, when the world No. 1 incriminated himself by recounting what was later deemed to be an illegal drop on the 15th hole of his second round. The admission set off a firestorm of controversy and led to Woods receiving a two-stroke penalty. Yet for Woods, the interview probably wasn't the most regrettable of his career; and when compared to some of the other Q-and-A missteps over the years, it wouldn't even register. From hyperbole to political incorrectness to moments of biting honesty, what follows is our compilation of interviews that the subjects would like to have back.

-- Sam Weinman

Hunter Mahan

Hunter Mahan, 2008

In an interview with Golf Magazine before his first Ryder Cup, Mahan criticized the PGA of America for being more concerned about making money than actually winning, said all the fun had been sucked out of the event for the players, and even compared participating to being "a slave that week." After celebrating a U.S. win in his first time playing the biennial competition, Mahan found out just how miserable a Ryder Cup can be (see: emotional press conference, left). His flubbed chip on the 17th hole in his singles match with Graeme McDowell gave the vaunted prize back to the Europeans and made him an instant goat. His emotional press conference afterward left little doubt that he now recognized the magnitude of the event.
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