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The Interviews They'd Like Back

Bad jokes, snubs, and moments of brutal honesty from throughout golf history that have merited a mulligan

Tiger Woods

One of the defining moments of the 2013 Masters has been Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, when the world No. 1 incriminated himself by recounting what was later deemed to be an illegal drop on the 15th hole of his second round. The admission set off a firestorm of controversy and led to Woods receiving a two-stroke penalty. Yet for Woods, the interview probably wasn't the most regrettable of his career; and when compared to some of the other Q-and-A missteps over the years, it wouldn't even register. From hyperbole to political incorrectness to moments of biting honesty, what follows is our compilation of interviews that the subjects would like to have back.

-- Sam Weinman

Fuzzy Zoeller and Tiger Woods

Fuzzy Zoeller, 1997

If there wasn't video evidence of it, one might not believe that Zoeller could be so careless. But there the two-time major champion was, calling Woods -- who was on his way to becoming the youngest Masters champion ever -- a "little boy" and telling reporters to sway him from serving fried chicken "or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve" at the following year's champions dinner. Zoeller, always known as a jokester, apologized and said his comments were in jest. Woods claimed the two made up, but the popular Fuzzy took a P.R. beating and lost lucrative sponsor deals from K-Mart and Dunlop.
Elise Amendola/AP Photo
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