Jaime Diaz

Golf's Five Prettiest Swings

April 29, 2011
Nothing conveys the allure of golf to the outside world better than a graceful swing. From Bobby Jones to Julius Boros to Luke Donald, seeing the difficult task of maneuvering a little ball great distances with a seemingly effortless motion is one of the wonders of sport. Interestingly, the prettiest swings are not always the soundest technically. As smooth and classic as Donald looks, for example, he is prone to being crooked off the tee, while the less poetic Tim Clark is relentlessly straight. Still, smooth and fluid are never bad, and these five were all extremely good.
Sam Snead

1. Sam Snead

Aesthetically, the game's all-time standard. As Dave Marr once said, "There have been a lot of so-called natural golfers. Sam is supernatural." A superb all-around athlete who was also a self-taught trumpet player, Snead moved with a perfect blend of power and music. He usually swung with only 85 percent effort, and his mantra was "feel oily." It wasn't completely by the book -- Snead aimed right, took the club slightly inside and looped it back on plane -- but Snead's swing worked beyond his third place finish in the 1974 PGA Championship at age 62. "Watching Sam Snead practice hitting golf balls," said John Schlee, "is like watching a fish practice swimming."
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