10 Tour Wives We'd Love To See On TV

With the possibility of a new reality show centered around PGA Tour wives, we suggest 10 who would make for good television

March 3, 2011
Amy Mickelson and Kandi Mahan

We see plenty of golfers on TV every week, but usually only the wives of those who wind up winning. That could be changing soon. A group of PGA Tour wives are trying to generate enough interest for a potential reality-television show in the mold of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of" series. While Liz Estes, the wife of Bob Estes, is leading that charge, we decided to provide our own list of 10 wives we'd like to see featured in such a show. Only time will tell if any TV producers agree.

-- Alex Myers

Carminita Immelman

Carminita Immelman

We admit we don't know much about the wife of 2008 Masters champion Trevor. But wouldn't she be a great addition to the show just based on her fun first name? OK, now we're stretching it. Maybe this isn't a great idea for a show after all...
Dave Cannon/Getty Images
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