My Five: Best Dressed Golfers

Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz ranks golf's best dressed men

Noted clothes horse Ian Poulter won in Hong Kong on Sunday, his flamboyant sense of fashion bringing attention to professional golf the same way Jimmy Demaret, Doug Sanders and Payne Stewart did in their eras. I lean toward elegance over flash, but -- at least on the golf course -- find that the man makes the clothes more than the other way around. Some players have good taste but lack the right physical gifts. Others possess the gifts but lack the taste. A few -- like my five choices -- were blessed with both, along with individual flair and the ultimate accessory: a stylish golf swing.
Tommy Bolt

1. Tommy Bolt

Bolt benefited from forming his fashion sense in the '30s and '40s, the golden age of golf clothing, when top players were fitted with the finest fabrics by custom tailors. Lean and well proportioned at 6 feet, 165 pounds, with rugged features, Bolt's wardrobe of tropical weight wool, alpaca, cashmere and Egyptian cotton always fit with the perfect drape, billowing and unfurling in all the right places. Bolt liked exotic colors, but always stayed short of ostentation. Born poor in Oklahoma, clothes were transformative for Bolt, who once wrote, "Ever since I could afford the best, I put the best on my back."
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