Our Favorite Viral Sensations

We look back at some of the images and videos that have captured our attention

Mark Ingram

Ours is a sharing culture, as the scores of people who are flocking to Twitter and Facebook each day can testify. Not so long ago if there was an article or photo you wanted to show your buddies, your best bet was to rip it out of a magazine and drop it in the mail. If it was something you saw on TV, maybe you ran to the phone and made sure they were watching, too. Now, if something piques our interest, we can broadcast it to the masses with the click of a button. Golf had plenty of compelling storylines of late, but it has also been defined by a few viral sensations. Perhaps more remarkable than the images and videos themselves was how quickly they spread into the mainstream. What follows is a list of our favorite viral sensations. If you like it, perhaps you should share it with your friends.

-- Sam Weinman

Ben Crane

Ben Crane: Golfer and... Dancer?

Ben Crane continued his stunning metamorphosis into the PGA Tour's leading funny man with this gem that shows him dancing often, and without much clothing. Where does he get his moves? Crane claims they come from growing up "in the Dance Academy," of course.
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