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Golf's Most Debatable Rules

For every step golf takes to catch up with the times, there are still occasions when it can't shake its stodgy reputation. We remember the day not long ago, at a pricey resort, when we overheard a well-dressed teenager on the phone: "No, you have to pick me up. I can't play. I don't have a collared shirt!" These are the moments when, as a sport, we can't get out of our own way. Take the assortment of rules still found at courses around the country. Not rulebook rules, but "etiquette guidelines" that, depending on who you're talking to, range from sensible to reprehensible. Here we list 10 of the most debatable rules in golf, some of which you might agree with, plenty of others that might leave you shaking your head.

Rickie Fowler's backwards hat grabs attention
Is it OK for Fowler to wear his hat backwards? Share your opinion

Jose-Fllipe Lima

No cell phones on the course, even for texting.

We get it. No one wants a phone ringing in their backswing, and for some, the whole point of a round of golf is to escape real world pressures for a few hours. The other side to consider is that 18 holes when you may occasionally have to check in with the office is far more preferable to an afternoon chained to your desk, wishing you were teeing it up.
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