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104. Harmon Killebrew 10.2 Twins 11-time All-Star now 73 and living in Arizona.
105. Wayne Gretzky 10.6 "The Great One" hopes to match Lemieux in winning Stanley Cup as owner.
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T-106. Freddy Adu 11 Ghana-born soccer prodigy now playing in Portugal has another favorite sport.
T-106. Chipper Jones 11 Braves slugger in 16th year and one of the game's best switch-hitters.
T-106. Andy Pettitte 11 Yankees LHP's last Index was a 7.9 in 2006.
T-106. Jason Taylor 11.0 Back with Dolphis, closer to Adios and Grande Oaks.
T-106. Chase Utley 11 Phillies All-Star 2B is big part of explosive offense.
111. Jim Rice 11.6 Red Sox slugger entered Hall of Fame in July.
112. John Havlicek 11.8 "Hondo" plays on Cape Cod and in Palm Beach area.
T-113. Jay Cutler 12 Bears QB not always a fan of formal golfwear.
T-113. Johnny Damon 12 Orlando native enjoys guest rounds at Isleworth; has played since age 18.
T-113. Terence Newman 12 Cowboys CB plays five days a week during off-season.
T-113. Shane Victorino 12 Phillies' "Flyin' Hawaiian."
T-113. Jayson Werth 12 Another Phillies slugger, with distinctive chin hair.
T-118. Dick Butkus 12.4 Former Bear belongs to Spanish Hills in Southern Cal.
T-118. Rod Carew 12.4 Twins and Angels Hall of Famer also plays in Southern Cal.
120. Evan Longoria 12.6 At 23 had another great season for Tampa Bay Rays.
121. Joe Namath 13.1 Plays at Nicklaus' Ritz-Carlton club in Jupiter, Fla.
T-122. Brandi Chastain 14 U.S. women's soccer hero played in AT&T at Pebble.
T-122. Bill Russell 14 Celtics great plays frequently around Seattle.
124. Julius Erving 14.9 Dr. J owns Celebrity G.C. International in Atlanta.
T-125. Sidney Crosby 15 Penguins phenom isn't as proficient with golf clubs as he is with a hockey stick.
T-125. Cole Hamels 15 Phillies LHP was 4-0 in '08 playoffs, World Series MVP.
T-125. Brad Lidge 15 Phillies closer was eighth in NL MVP voting for 2008.
T-125. Steve Nash 15 Suns guard and two-time NBA MVP living in NYC.
T-125. Matthew Stafford 15 NFL's No. 1 pick facing biggest challenge with Lions.
T-125. LaDainian Tomlinson 15 "LT" takes game seriously.
T-125. Wes Welker 15 Patriots WR finished T-60 in his first Tahoe event.
132. Sugar Ray Leonard 16 Belongs to Riviera C.C.
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133. Antwaan Randle El 17 Redskins WR played in pro-am at AT&T National.
T-134. Whitey Ford 18 Yankees legend, 80, plays at least nine holes a week.
T-134. Alonzo Mourning 18 Retired from Heat; at 6-10, tallest player on our list.
T-136. Bonnie Blair Cruikshank 19 Six-time Olympic speed-skating medalist (five gold) plays near Wisconsin home.
T-136. Jason Campbell 19 Redskins QB also played in AT&T National pro-am near D.C. (Tiger played with Romo, the Cowboys QB, that day, irking Skins fans.)
T-138. Landon Donovan 20 All-time leader in goals and assists for U.S. National soccer team.
T-138. Chris Paul 20 NBA phenom Tweets ("Oneandonlycp3") about improving his golf game.
140. Shane Battier 20.1 Rockets F wore green jacket to his "Caddyshack"-themed 30th birthday party.
141. Jimmie Johnson 21.1 Winner of 40-plus NASCAR races plays at Quail Hollow.
142. Kurt Busch 22 Also a top NASCAR driver.
T-143. CC Sabathia 25 Yankees pitcher hits it long, wants to get good at the game eventually.
T-143. Darryl Strawberry 25 Still new to the game, but he's a fanatic.
145. Manny Pacquiao 26 Boxer hopes to own a course.
146. Yogi Berra 31.5 Quote machine still posting scores at age 84.
147. Misty May-Treanor 32 Beach volleyball player partners with Kerri Walsh.
148. Chuck Liddell 33 Ultimate Fighting champ was essentially a beginner at '09 Tahoe celebrity event.
149. Derek Jeter 35 Says he likes the game a lot, needs more time to play.
150. Charles Barkley 36 Hank Haney's biggest project is still a golf addict.
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