Big Shots

When the top names in politics, business, sports and entertainment get together, golf is often the tie that binds

Joe Pesci & Mark Wahlberg

For years, Wahlberg pestered Pesci about playing golf together. Trouble was, Wahlberg wasn't a golfer. Now, he's a member at Wilshire County Club and an even better player than the Oscar winner. "I've learned a lot of shots from Joe, especially the short game," says Wahlberg. "I'm down to an 8-handicap now, but somehow I end up paying Joe at the end of every round." Pesci, a dangerous 16 who plays at L.A.-area courses Lakeside, Sherwood, Bel-Air and Valencia, is friends with John Daly and many other top tour pros. "Now I've found someone who can hit it straighter and farther than me," says Pesci. " ... and he's an actor."
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