Steal My Feel

Top 10 Feel Tips

Every month, PGA Tour professionals offer up their advice in Golf Digest's "Steal My Feel" column. We've selected 10 of the best tips to share.

Adam Scott swinging a golf club

1. To Play A Fade, Quiet Your Arms

I naturally draw the ball, but I can get the hooks going if I'm not careful. So it's important that I reduce the amount of right-to-left curve by trying to fade it. To pull it off, I feel as if I'm making a more deliberate move through the ball and really keeping my arms from rolling over. I call it "holding off the shot." I'm keeping my arms quiet with far less forearm rotation and delaying the closing of the clubface. You can see here my hips have turned significantly toward the target before the club has reached the ball. That's a good fade feel for me.
--Adam Scott

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