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Swing Sequence: Jordan Spieth

A simple key for effective driving: Play for position

September 2014
Jordan Spieth

Statistically, Jordan Spieth's driving is pretty unremarkable. He ranks 90th or lower on the PGA Tour in distance off the tee and hitting fairways and 150th in total driving, which measures power and accuracy.

But those are just numbers. "Driving is a strength of mine," says Spieth, who has one win, five runner-up finishes and 15 top 10s in the year and a half since he joined the tour. "I don't hit it the farthest, but I don't see a lot of players working the ball left or right the way I do. I focus on getting better angles into the greens rather than distance or making sure it's in the fairway."

Adds his teacher, Cameron McCormick: "When he misses a fairway, he doesn't miss by much." Spieth says he hits quality tee shots because he has control of the clubface through impact, keeping his left wrist facing the target for as long as he can and adjusting his swing path slightly to add any curve.

"But even then, I try not to curve it very much," he says. "His swing is a classic example of function before form," McCormick says. "It's designed to control the ball, and that's really what matters."

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