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Swing Sequence: Lexi Thompson

March 2014
Swing Sequence: Lexi Thompson

Bio: 19 / 5-11 / Coral Springs, Fla.three-time LPGA Tour winner
Driver: Cobra AMP Cell Pro, 7.5 degrees
Ball: Callaway HEX Chrome+ / Driving distance: (2013) 271.2 yards (second)
Greens in regulation (2013): 74 percent (eighth)


This isn't just a pose. Boxing is part of my fitness routine with Florida Panthers strength and conditioning coach Craig Slaunwhite. It really sharpens my hand-eye coordination, strengthens my arms and wrists and improves my stamina. I'm sure it helped me pick up the two wins I got at the end of the 2013 season.

Another key for me is my grip. When I was real young, my hands were in a strong position on the club and the clubface was closed at the top, but my teacher, Jim McLean, didn't want to change that until I got older. He and I are still working together, and now my grip is more neutral. It lets me swing free without fear of hitting hooks.

I don't like to think too much when I'm playing, so Jim gives me broad thoughts—like slow takeaway or constant grip pressure.

I leave the mechanical keys (see following slides) for the practice tee. —With Roger Schiffman

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