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Swing Sequence: Brandt Snedeker

February 2014
Swing Sequence: Brandt Snedeker

Bio: 33 / 6-foot-1 / 185 pounds
Driver: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast, 8.5 degrees | Ball: Bridgestone B330
Driving distance (2013): 281.3 yards | Fairways hit (2013): 62.6 percent


You ever watch Davis Love make a practice swing with his driver? Man, it's a full-on swing, just like the real thing, so the club makes a big whoosh at the bottom. I love that. I want to hear that noise in my head when I have to crank one off the tee. It's a great image for keeping a nice flow and getting the fast point of your swing at the ball. But don't get ahead of yourself: You can't create speed at impact if you haven't set it up in the backswing. I try to go back pretty slow, really wind up, and then get to my front side as fast as I can. To me, the golf swing is a big turn back and a big turn through, and the ball just gets in the way. Impact is a result, not a position.
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