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Swing Sequence: Ray Romano

"Everybody Loves Raymond"....except his caddie

February 2012

Editor's Note: Each week in the series "How He Hit That" on the Instruction Blog, Kevin Hinton, Director of Instruction at Piping Rock in Locust Valley, N.Y., writes about what you can learn from professional golfers around the world. This week at the Pebble Beach National Pro Am, he's looking at the swings of the celebrities. In this analysis, he analyzes the swing of Ray Romano. For Ray, and any spectators standing a little too close . . . it might be more about what not to do. Here's what Kevin would tell Ray. Let's hope some of you can learn something as well.

Ray, you're a great actor and a hilarious guy. Unfortunately, your swing has more moving parts than a fine Swiss watch. But don't despair: Golf is a tough game and you're not alone. Let's focus mainly on improving your impact position and build from there.

-- Kevin Hinton, Director of Instruction, Piping Rock Club, Locust Valley, N.Y.

Swing Sequence: Ray Romano


This is Ray's best position. He is balanced at address and has a pretty good grip. No real problems here. Unfortunately his swing is about to begin.
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