Swing sequences

Top 10 Tour Pros' Swings

Counting down the swing sequences that online readers have been drawn to most

Swing Sequence: Steve Stricker

Photo by J.D. Cuban

9. Steve Stricker

Here's a tour swing you can copy

The key to Stricker's swing is, it has fewer moving parts: It's a stiff-wristed action controlled by a big body turn. Most better players maximize wrist hinge on the backswing to gain leverage at impact -- like cracking a whip -- but Stricker's wrists are fairly quiet. That's why his swing is shorter, and why he's among the top 30 on tour in hitting fairways.

"When you hinge, you need good timing to hit the ball where you want," Stricker says. "By trying to eliminate wrist cock, my swing's more under control."
—Ron Kaspriske
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