Swing Sequences

The Most Powerful Swings On Tour

August 2011
Swing Sequence: Robert Garrigus & Brittany Lincicome

Spotting a power hitter is easy; being one is mostly a gift. Look at Robert Garrigus, who led the PGA Tour in driving distance last year at 315.5 yards. He has a strong grip, great width on both sides of the swing, and a massive leg drive through impact. Brittany Lincicome, who's leading the LPGA Tour this year at 275.5 yards, also makes a huge extension off the ball, but her speed comes from clubhead lag—she slings the clubhead at the last second for a burst of speed.

A closer look at Robert's swing shows that he doesn't get the club to parallel at the top—often considered a benchmark for power. What he does get is a tremendous coil: His hips don't turn much, but his shoulders do. That produces a really big X-Factor, or stretch between the upper body and lower body. And look at how he releases everything through the ball: He's turning so hard, his eyes are looking way down the line when the club's only halfway down! Serious power position there.

Brittany hovers the clubhead at address like two other great drivers you might have heard of: Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman. She has what I call a two-way move at the top—her hips start turning forward before her shoulders finish turning back. That's another way to increase your X-Factor, and she does it as well as any player on tour, man or woman. That's how she creates that powerful lag on the downswing. And check out her finish: Have you ever seen a player more released onto the front foot? Every amateur needs to do that.

I spend most days trying to explain to golfers that power is only part of the equation. You need solid ball-striking and sound mechanics and consistency. But, man, when you see pictures like these, who wouldn't want to be a bomber?

Swing Sequence: Brittany Lincicome
Check out her finish: Have you ever seen a player more released onto the front foot?
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