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Swing Sequence: Retief Goosen

November 2010
Swing Sequence: Matt Kuchar


Goosen has put more emphasis on the tee ball

Two-time U.S. Open Champion Retief Goosen "has at least another major or two in him," says his swing coach, Gregor Jamieson. Considering Goosen turned 41 in February and went five years on the PGA Tour from September 2005 to September 2010 with only one win ('09 Transitions Championship), Jamieson's statement might seem like hyperbole. But improvements to Goosen's driver swing have player and teacher confident that "Goose" is still an elite player.

"He's always been known as a great iron player, so we've worked hard on his driver swing," Jamieson says. "A lot of people don't know this, but when he first joined the European tour, his swing was almost as long as John Daly's. He was incredibly strong and flexible and could really hit it a long way -- still can. But he needed more control, so he's worked on firming it up. His swing is intentionally shorter now and a lot easier to control."

Shortening the backswing wasn't the only improvement. Goosen says they've worked hard to ensure he makes a better weight shift toward the target during the downswing. "I don't want to feel as if I'm hanging back. I want to feel as if the right side of my body is moving into the ball a lot sooner. That feeling of 'covering the ball' helps me hit it solid and straight."

Adds Jamieson: "He has great posture and balance, but sometimes he's a little farther behind the ball at impact than at address. When he gets his weight over to the left side, he's as good with the driver as he is with his irons."
-- Ron Kaspriske

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