Swing Sequence: Angel Cabrera

June 2010
Swing Sequence: Angel Cabrera


A stable lower body sets up a powerful explosion at impact

Angel Cabrera is the last of the true caddie-yard players, his swing a rough-hewn, self-invented action steered mainly by instinct and desire. Cabrera walked three miles each way, seven days a week, to the Cordoba Country Club in Argentina beginning at age 10. He got his first set of golf clubs at 16 and turned professional at 20.

His story is compelling, but no more so than the golf swing that has evolved into one of the most powerful and reliable in golf. His technique is grounded by massive, superbly conditioned legs that anchor a mighty winding and unwinding of his upper body.

"Angel's swing is like watching a duck on water -- effortless on top but working like hell underneath," says his instructor, Charlie Epps. "His lower body is stable and efficient with excellent footwork. It's like Claude Harmon said: You can't shoot a cannon off of ice skates."

Cabrera is thick around the back and shoulders, with preternaturally fast arms and hands. Impact is a freight-train collision, his swing speed clocking in at 125 miles per hour, his ball speed upward of 195 mph. His natural ball flight is a towering fade, but he can adjust his trajectory on command by tweaking his ball position.

"Anyone who thinks a fade can't go as far as a draw should see Angel," Epps says. "His power and artistry are amazing."
--Guy Yocom

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